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Getting Started with Surveillance Systems – Part 1

Why Should You Consider Buying a Home / Business Surveillance System?

A surveillance system is a great option for adding the ultimate in security to your home. They can serve many purposes. First, just having one installed and visible from the outside of your home can act as a great deterrent to would be thieves. Second, if a thief does enter your home, whether you are in the house or not the camera will be able to record footage, catching the thieves in the act. This can lead to a higher chance that the thieves will be caught and you will get your valuable items back. If you are considering getting a surveillance system for your home, you may be having a hard time getting a system that is right for your needs. The following gives you some tips that can help.

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Assessing Your Needs

The first step in the process is to put some thought into your needs. How many cameras do you require, what quality of video footage do you want, what style of camera will suit your home best and what kind of recording system do you need? Asking these sorts of question in the early planning phase of getting a home security system will help you avoid making any mistakes. This will ensure that you get your security system right the first time.


Positioning applies not only to your cameras, but you’re recording unit as well. This needs to be taken into account in order to be able to correctly work out you cabling requirements. Work out the distances between your recorder and your cameras so you do not purchase more cable than you will need. When choosing positioning for cameras, think about the area you most want to protect. Where is a would be thief might likely to enter home? Where are your most valuable items located? Are there any potential obstructions that may prevent your camera from catching some much needed footage? Ensure that you think about all of these things when planning your system so that you get the most from your surveillance system.

So make sure you follow these simple tips and you be able to create a top quality surveillance system for your home.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Getting Started with Surveillance Systems series.

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