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Keeping everyone safe, one person a time!

MadDog Safety Technologies goal is to provide self defense and security to all Americans.

At MadDog Safety Technologies we believe that every American has the right to defend themselves, their family and homes with non-lethal force first and lethal force only if necessary. We also believe that this philosophy of only using lethal force when absolutely necessary leads to safer, yet effective solutions for you and your family during emergency situations.

We support this belief by only developing law enforcement grade self defense products, hidden cameras, surveillance equipment, and safety kits with combinations of products that are most likely to keep your family safe during any kind of home invasion or personal defense scenario because they default to non-lethal force as first action.

With MadDog Safety Technologies you have access to over 500 non-lethal self defense products, such as stun guns, pepper spray, TasersĀ®, personal alarms, diversion safes, survival gear, hidden cameras and surveillance systems at the best prices.

You owe it to yourself and family to be protected with the best possible products you can buy.

MadDog Safety Tech


MadDog Safety Technologies

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