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A personal alarm is great way to protect yourself!

How to Best Utilize a Personal Alarm

Personal alarms represent a great option for personal security. Not only are they small and compact, they are also easy to use and highly effective. Personal alarms can be a real personal security asset if they are utilized appropriately. The following will give you some great tips as to how you can best use a personal alarm to keep yourself safe in a range of situations.

Keeping your Alarm Ready for Use

As personal alarms run on a battery, it is very important that you ensure your battery always has charge and is ready to go. Failing to do so could mean that when you need your alarm it malfunctions or, worse still, does not work at all. Check your instruction manual for battery information so you can ensure you are keeping your personal alarm powered and at the ready.

Easy Access

One of the best features of personal alarm is their small size. This means that they can easily be kept in a hand bag, pocket or even on a keyring. Some people opt to wear their personal alarms on a necklace around their neck so that if an emergency strikes they are ready to act immediately. A good tip for keeping a personal alarm in a handbag is to ensure that there is minimal clutter in the bag or that the alarm is kept in a separate pocket. This is to ensure that you can access your alarm quickly without having to sift through junk in a bag.

Reacting Quickly

A personal alarm is great way to protect yourself, but they can be a little slower than other personal security devices. It is therefore extremely important that you are quick to react and sound the alarm as soon as you detect a threat. This will ensure that there is plenty of time for help to arrive and may even deter a potential attacker before they have the chance to reach you.

Screecher Personal Alarm
Mace® Screecher Alarm

Combining Methods

If you still feel insecure, even when carrying a personal alarm, you can use it in conjunction with another device. Keeping a canister of pepper spray, a stun gun or TASER as a last line of defense if your personal alarm doesn’t work is a great way to help yourself feel safer and better protected.

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