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Where to Hide your Hidden Security Camera?

Positioning Hidden Security Cameras

Hidden security camera represent a great way to increase the level of security in your home, office or business premises. Knowing how to best position one of these cameras for the best possible capture of footage and also low visibility to others is vital in ensuring the success of your device. The following will give you some simple things to keep in mind to ensure that your hidden cameras are working for you as best as they can.

Choosing the Right Style

This is vital for two reasons. First, it determines where you can locate the device. Two, it can mean the difference as to whether or not your hidden cameras are detected. If you wish to be able to record from above, which is great for cash handling areas in a business, then opt for a camera that is disguised as a smoke alarm. This will allow for a ceiling installation that will go un-noticed. If you are wishing to monitor a room in your home such as the living room, a camera disguised as a wall mirror is a great option. You are able to mount it on the wall, giving you a wide angle shot of your chosen room and it will blend in easily with another wall décor.

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
Smoke Detector HD Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR


This is very important as poor positioning can mean that the camera will not capture some of the important footage from the areas you are wishing to protect. If you are looking to cover a smaller area, a hidden camera designed to look like a counter top object could be sufficient. If you are looking to capture a broader, more general area in a room, go for a wall or ceiling mounted option.

Location Suggestions

Nightstand – Most bedroom have nightstands. One of the best places to put a hidden camera into would be a nightstand. You could get a hidden camera already built into a clock radio and put it right on the nightstand.

Clock Radio Hidden Camera
Clock Radio Hidden Camera with DVR

Book Shelf – Placing a hidden camera in a book shelf might be a good idea. Especially when the hidden camera is in a shape of the book or an air freshener.

Electrical Outlet – You can purchase a 6 Outlet Wall Tap Grounding Adapter. No one will ever be able to tell this electrical outlet conceals a hidden color camera and mini DVR to record what the camera sees.

Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera
Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera with DVR

Oil Painting – The oil painting picture frame camera with built in DVR and Wi-Fi capability is made to be easily set up and covert so no one will know you have a small hidden camera keeping surveillance on your property.

Oil Painting Picture Frame Hidden Camera
Oil Painting Picture Frame Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR and WiFi

Kitchen – There are already designed hidden security cameras that look like a travel coffee mug or even a wall clock with built in DVR. Could you find a better place for such items other than the kitchen?

Coffee Mug Hidden Camera
Coffee Mug Hidden Camera with Built In DVR

Mirrors – You could buy a two-sided mirror and put a spy camera there. You can also buy a mirror with a hidden camera already built inside.

Set Up

It is important that you install and set up your new hidden camera by the instruction manual that you will receive with your device. Failure to do so could cause malfunction or even failure of your hidden camera and leave you without that extra level of home security that you are looking for.

Follow these simple tips and you will be sure to get the best out of your hidden cameras. Be sure and check out the wide selection of hidden security cameras NOW at MadDog Safety Technologies.

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