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Personal Alarms and Self-Defence

Self-defence is something that is becoming more and more important to people from all areas and backgrounds. There are a range of different personal security products available with some of them being methods of counter attack and others being ways to raise an alarm or deter an attack. For people who do not wish to engage attackers or assailants, personal alarms represent a great option.


What is a Personal Alarm?

A personal alarm is a small device that fits easily into the hand or into a purse that had the capability to produce a very loud siren type sound. They are used to scare away potential attackers while raising the alarm. They are simple to use and are activated by either a button or a pull tag. Unlike other personal safety devices, they cause no harm to assailants, meaning that you are at no risk of liability. Another great thing about a personal alarm is that they alert others around you for help, meaning that you do not have to.


Who Uses Personal Alarms?

Personal alarms are used by people that are worried about their personal safety while they are out in the streets. People who finish work at night time and need to walk a distance to their cars are a great example. Personal alarm also great for seniors or people with serious health concerns as these alarms enable them to quickly and easily alert a nearby neighbor if there is a problem.


Why Choose a Personal Alarm?

For some people, the thought of using pepper spray, Tasers or a stun gun on a potential attacker makes them feel extremely uncomfortable. They do not want to feel responsible for causing any pain or injury to another. A personal alarm offers a completely safe, non-violent method with which to defend yourself in a range of circumstances.

So if you are looking for a safe and effective way that you can protect yourself in a non-violent manner, a personal alarm offers you a great solution to suit your needs. Help keep yourself safe and invest in your own security by purchasing a personal alarm.

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