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Multi-Function Survival Business Card is one thing you shouldn’t leave home without!

Utilizing a Multi-Function Survival Business Card

A multi-function survival business card is a great little tool that is easy to keep on hand everywhere you go. Small, portable and made to be discreet, this is a wonderful product to ensure that you are prepared for anything, anytime. When designed well, these tools can assist with various survival situations, providing the best outcome for you in the case of emergency. You never know when or where an emergency is going to take place, so it is important that you keep yourself ready. This will not only help you in an emergency situation but will better allow to help others as well.


Different Functions

The Multi-function survival business card, as the name suggest is a multi-functional tool. The different tools incorporated into these include a can opener, cutting edge, slotted or flathead screwdriver, a ruler, a bottle opener, a wing nut wrench, a saw blade, an ancillary direction indicator and a 2 position wrench. They also come with a keychain or lanyard hole so you can keep it on your keys or around your neck if you do not want to store the device in your wallet.


How These Can Help

Forget about the worst case scenario of getting stranded in a remote location, a multi-function survival business card can help in a range of everyday emergencies. Small odd jobs can be completed using the vast range of tools that a multi-function survival business card offers. Tightening bolts, cutting strings, slicing through tape are examples of simple tasks that can be completed with one of these devices, opposed to you needing to find a multitude of different tools to perform these simple functions.

Peace of Mind

Because of their portability, a multi-function survival business card if the type of product that you can take with you everywhere you go. This can help to give you the peace of mind that you are constantly ready for a range of situations. Boasting not only portability but affordability, the multi-function survival business card is a must have product for anyone who is serious about their survival gear.

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