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Concealment Diversion Can Safes are a must have!

What is a Diversion Safe?



A diversion safe is a concealment device used to keep secret things private or to help keep valuables safe. These devices are often disguised as regular household items, making them appear to be of no value or interest. They are a cost-effective way to keep your valuables safe and feel secure that they are secure. Diversion safes are available in many different styles, but the principal is always the same. A good diversion safe will be an exact replica of the item it mimics and will even be the same weight.

Uses for Diversion Safes


Diversion safes can be used effectively for a range of purposes. You could use them to store any extra cash that you may have so you do not need to carry it on your person. Expensive jewellery is another type of item that a diversion safe can help to secure. Thieves generally spend around 8 minutes in a home and if your item is hidden away in a diversion safe that looks like a can of beans, it is highly unlikely that the thief is going to take any notice of the mock bean tin and your valuables will, therefore, be kept safe.

Why Choose a Diversion Safe?


Diversion safes are a great choice as they are almost always overlooked by criminals. Thieves are more likely to search for and target a conventional safe, completely overlooking the diversion safe all together. Not only are diversion safes a highly effective way to keep your valuables safe, but they are also cost effective as well. Diversion safes only cost a small fraction of the price that you would pay for a safe.

Choosing a Diversion Safe


There are many different types of diversion safes available. They come in many different shapes, mimicking a variety of different household items. When choosing a diversion safe, the best idea is to select one that will fit into your home the best. If you regularly stock your pantry with canned goods, a diversion safe that replicates a can is the best option. If your laundry is stocked with a range of cleaning products, choose a safe that will fit in well with that.


Examples of other types of concealment diversion safes;


Books are possibly the most common concealment devices in usage. They are easily made and can contain quite large objects. They are also very difficult for outsiders to spot but easy to recognize for those that are looking for a specific book on a shelf.


A new type, the hollow candle looks like a large scented candle but is mostly hollow. The bottom comes off and rolled papers or small objects can be placed and hidden inside. Some of the most clever of these contraptions looked like large, ordinary black candles with a felt base concealing the opening. To open them, two metal needles are poked through the felt at certain points and an electric current passed through, causing them to open.

Cans and jars

Also a new form of concealment device, mock cans of various household chemicals or food and drinks can be purchased. A wide variety of commonly used personal care, household products and food containers with removable tops and bottoms are available. Valuables can be discreetly stored inside these lookalike containers and kept in their seemingly rightful places. Each of these diversion safes are indistinguishable from the genuine product, and can thus avoid detection, and they may even be weighted to feel full.

Electrical outlet

A fake electrical outlet, which can be pulled out from the wall and which contains a hidden compartment for storage.

As you can see, diversion safes are an excellent way to keep your valuables safe and add an extra level of security to your home without having to spend too much money.

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