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I don’t need a Dash Cam! Think again….

Hidden / Dash Cameras in Your Vehicle

Have you ever been the victim of a road rage attack? Maybe one of your friends or family members has? Are you concerned about the risks of road rage and other peoples irresponsible driving when you are on the road? If so then it might be a good idea to consider a hidden camera for your car.

Sales of dashboard cameras are taking off as a growing number of U.S. drivers turn to the high-tech gizmos for protection and peace of mind.

Protecting Good Motorists

Dash cameras for the car are fast becoming a very popular item. Many road users are enjoying an extra level of security in knowing that if there is ever an incident on the road, they will have footage to prove what really happened. In car dash cameras are great not just for when incidents occur, but for near misses as well. It allows good drivers to name and shame those people who drive irresponsibly and seem to have little or no regard for other road users. As a result of footage taken by these cameras, more and more bad drivers are being held accountable for their actions. This encourages them to assess their behaviour and hopefully change in the future.

Road Rage

It is sad but true, road rage is an increasingly common thing on our roads. As we all become busier and more stressed, some people snap and take their anger and frustrations out on others. Having a hidden camera in your car means that if you are ever involved in such an instant, you will have the footage available to help bring your assailant to justice. Even if you are not involved in such an incident, having a hidden camera in your car can give you little extra peace of mind every day to know that your camera is always watching.

Choosing Your Camera

There are many makes and models of cameras for in car use. Many of them are easy to set up and maintain. When choosing a dash camera for your car, make sure that it comes from a quality vendor such as MadDog Safety Technologies. This will make sure that you get a well-made camera that is less likely to malfunction and fail.

So make yourself feel safer on the road and consider a hidden dash camera for your car from MadDog Safety Technologies.


Mini DVR Car Dash Camera from MadDog Safety Technologies

On Sale Now through December 15, 2015

Reg: $110.00 / NOW $99.97 Click here to BUY now!

THIS DASH CAMERA HAS NOW BEEN DISCOUNTINUED. Thanks to all everyone who purchased this great camera while it was on sale.

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Mini DVR Car Dash Camera is ultra small volume; the front lens with ultra wide angle of 140 degrees can be rotated up and down 20 degrees; the back lens with ultra wide-angle of 120 degrees high resolution; this perfect modular design is more convenient for various angle and high resolution video shooting.

Besides general functions of the recorder, this machine has three new main features:

(1) Built-in double lens can be used to take two images at front and back at the same time. 140 degree front and 120 degrees rear facing wide angle lenses; Protect yourself from fraudulent lawsuits on the road

(2) Newly added GPS module can record the whole driving track. Using specialized software, you can see the video at computer, at the same time connect Google map through the Internet. Driving track shows on the map and you can trace the running route of the vehicle.

(3) Built-in gravity sensor G-Sensor can record the gravity sensing information. Using specialized software, you can see the video at computer, at the same time read the gravity sensing data to trace accident and abnormal circumstance occurred in the running process.

Features: 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen, Video and Audio recording,  dual lens, surveil the outside and inside together, Front lens : ultra wide angle of 140 degrees, Back lens : ultra wide-angle of 120 degrees high resolution, automatic turning on and recording function when the vehicle starts, delayed start function to prevent transient pulse current damage machine at the moment the vehicle starts, supports high-capacity Micro TF Card, Up to 32GB, built-in lithium battery that can charge and recording at the same time, GPS scanning and positioning, gravity induced sensor, video resolution 1280×480, image resolution 2560×1920, video format AVI, TF memory card slot micro TF, 100% Brand New and High quality from MadDog Safety Technologies

Screen: 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen
Lens: f: 2mm; F, 2.0 (IR lens)
Camera: Front: 5MP (140 degree wide angle) Back: 0.3MP (120 wide angle)
Minimum LUX: 0.1
Color sensor: 1/4″ color CMOS
Video resolution: 1280 x 480 30 FPS
Video format: AVI
Cycled recording: Yes
Image Resolution: 2560 x 1920
Memory: Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included)
Microphone / speaker: Built-in
Time stamp: Yes
Video system: PAL
Battery: Built-in lithium polymer battery or car charger
Battery life: 3 hours

Package Included:
1 x R300 Car DVR
1 x Cigarette Power Adapter
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x Mounting Kit
1 x User Manual
1 x Mounting Pad

This machine does not support USB protocol. Computer access to the recorded file of this machine can be done by a device supporting TF card (such as a card reader). Built-in lithium battery that can charge and record at the same time.


On Sale Now through December 15, 2015

Reg: $110.00 / NOW $99.97 Click here to BUY now!

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