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Hear John’s Story

How a personal TASER saved a life.

John is a 6’2” freshman from the University of Minnesota. He has always been fast, strong, light, and lean at 205 pounds, which gave him the confidence of a daredevil. While he would not actively seek danger, he also did not mind having to face it, even if it meant armed criminals. He would even brag about the fact to his friends and brothers.

Linda, his mother, is surely not convinced he is invincible. Given John’s attitude towards danger, she insisted that John carry a TASER, especially as he was going to be living alone in a dorm near the university. John argued, “If I miss with the TASER, I could hurt some bystander instead of my imaginary attacker.” More than anything else, Linda wanted her boy to be able to defend himself.

John eventually accepted the TASER C2 Gold Kit from his mom just to end the argument. Reluctantly, he let his mom teach him how to use the weapon at long and short ranges.

Soon, John’s parents dropped him off in his new home. And thanks to a long day of moving, he drifted off into sleep in the middle of the afternoon.

The sound of breaking glass jostled John awake. It took him a second to realize where he was, and another to realize he was supposed to be alone. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw the TASER C2 his mother had given him, neatly placed on the corner table beside his bed.

John slowly loaded a live cartridge into the TASER C2 and aimed at the open doorway to his room. As soon as the laser sight hit a figure in the doorway, John fired. The figure went down instantly. He opened a lamp to reveal the intruder: a man as large as John, still convulsing from an electric shock, and a dropped crowbar near his hand.

As he was calling the police, John looked down the table where the TASER was and saw a note that said, “Keep safe. Love, mom.”

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