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Maximizing your Safety with a TASER®

A TASER is a great protection product when used properly and maintained.

If you own or are thinking of purchasing a TASER, it is important that you ensure that your both you and your TASER are ready for use in an emergency situation. Do you know what you need to do to have your TASER ready to deploy and do you know how to deploy your TASER quickly and effectively? The following will give you some tips that will help you to ensure that you are ready for anything.

TASER Maintenance

TASERs rely on an electrical current to take down assailants. It is therefore very important that you ensure that your TASER is appropriately charged for when you need it. Most TASERs come with rechargeable batteries. With these types of batteries they can lose their charge life and power over time. Make sure that you keep an eye on this and purchase a replacement battery pack when appropriate. Another important tip is to keep the battery terminal area on your TASER clean. Keeping the terminal area and especially the contact clean will ensure that the TASER can access battery power when needed. There are special TASER cleaning kits available that will help you to keep your TASER clean and ready for action. For other maintenance tips, make sure that you read your TASER manual carefully and familiarise yourself with its contents.

TASER® C2 Gold Kit Blue

Being Ready

To prepare yourself for an incident where you may need to deploy your TASER, it is important that you familiarize yourself with your TASER. If you intend to keep your TASER in a purse or on a belt, practice drawing your TASER. It is also important that you get used to where the power button is located. When you are in an emergency situation, you may need to prepare the TASER in the dark, so knowing how to turn it on without looking is important. Also practice holding the gun as you would to shoot and positioning your finger on the trigger. Finally, practice all of these things together to ensure that you can draw, power, aim and shoot in a quick and fluid movement.

Follow these simple tips and you will be able to ensure that both you and your TASER are ready to go when a situation arises. For more on how to use a TASER, watch the following video

A TASER offers the same tools the police use to take down hostile criminals. TASER conducted electrical weapons are not considered firearms and are legal to carry in most states without permits. Restricted from consumer use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, HI, District of Columbia, and certain cities and counties (see our laws and restrictions page for more details). The buyer is responsible for researching and knowing the applicable state and local laws prior to purchasing, possessing, transporting or using a TASER C2.

The TASER C2 comes in a variety of colors, replacement batteries and accessories. Check here to see the amazing personal C2 TASER from MadDog Safety Technologies.

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